Post-Carbon London focuses on proactive responses to global warming, oil & gas depletion (including worldwide peak oil), and various other related problems (such as smog) that surround fossil fuel consumption. In other words, we focus on alternatives to fossil fuel usage and dependencies, and on creative solutions to various energy and carbon problems.

Post-Carbon London promotes means of reducing energy demands (through human-power transportation, for example), and we promote alternative energy sources (such as wind power) that are more renewable. (We also support energy efficiency and carbon capture projects, but without emphasizing these two approaches.)

Post-Carbon London also indirectly supports:

  • Co-operative responses to other environmental problems
  • Various approaches to reducing consumption demands
  • More local community relationships, participation, and culture (e.g. neighbourhood associations) — while also appreciating the importance of ties with outside areas

Post-Carbon London is affiliated with the Transition Network — like others on the Transition Ontario networking web site. Our group also supports the Post-Carbon Institute. (Hence, we were part of their former Relocalization Network project.)

More Post-Carbon London Resources

Provincial Transition networking site
The Transition Ontario web site is a place where you can post about relevant issues, while connecting with others who are committed to Transition Network goals and approaches.

Post-Carbon photos
You can see more tangible examples of the issues we focus on in our photo collections on Flickr.


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