PCL Mission

In our February PCL meeting we reviewed the PCL Mission statement, and created a description of our group’s role in the growing ecosytem of grassroots organizations that are dealing with localization, climate change, and resource limits faced by our London Ontario community and region.

The revised Mission Statement is:

PostCarbon London’s mission is to assist London and area with understanding and acting on issues surrounding peak oil and global warming. In doing so we maintain the following core values:

  1. Supporting relocalization through reduced consumption and increased local production.
  2. Supporting municipal, regional, community-based and cooperative responses to the crisis
  3. Focusing on how energy and global warming issues relate to London and the surrounding area
  4. Recommending and facilitating legislative, regulatory and policy changes at all levels of government that help to address the crisis
  5. Rejecting large-scale centralized energy solutions, such as coal and nuclear expansion
  6. Supporting carbon-reduction and climate-change mitigation strategies
  7. Supporting peaceful, non-discriminatory, non-violent responses to the crisis
  8. Supporting justice and respect for human rights, locally and internationally, in all responses to the crisis.

We describe our ‘Role’ in the larger community as follows:

PostCarbon London Core Activities:

  • Representing the Peak Oil and Climate Change perspective in municipal committees and processes.
  • Information-gathering, research, and analysis to support both municipal engagement and community groups working on PO and GW issues.
  • Other types of activities, including engagement with committees, boards, coops, and umbrella organizations, that align well with the above.
  • Information dissemination, including film screenings and presentations that align with the above focus.

Climate and Energy Meetup:

  • The monthly ‘social meetup’ will continue to be sponsored and organized by PCL.
  • This meetup remains informal and open, without an imposed agenda.
  • PCL will promote the meetup as a social get-together for the Peak Oil/Climate Change aware community.

Activities that we used to do, which are now handled by Transition London, its sub-groups, and other organizations:

  • Educational/Reskilling workshops
  • Grassroots organizing in communities
  • Activities related to developing individual skills